Go big or go home

I've been doing some thinking about my newsletter since my switch to Substack. As you may know, Substack allows for paid newsletter subscriptions. I have a Patreon, but up until now, I've kept it simple over there. Four posts a month. The amount of pain and exhaustion I was in due to Endometriosis made committing to anything bigger impossible. I didn't know if I could follow through and I didn't want to disappoint if I failed.

Now that surgery has gotten rid of the majority of my pain, I've made a plan to serialize Deep Curse as well as fun rewards to those who decide I’m worth plunking down some cold, hard cash.


  • Access to serialized novels as chapters are released and special edition physical copy upon completion

  • Character profiles and sketches/artwork (I plan to do giveaways for the artwork)

  • Live stream drabbles with audience input

  • Signed books

  • Your name in acknowledgments of future books

  • Exclusive flash fiction

  • 100 word drabbles

  • Updates before everyone else

  • First looks at covers and blurbs

  • Deleted scenes

  • ONE ebook of choice from my back list

  • My undying gratitude

None of this will happen until 2022, so for now, everything is business as usual. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BECOME A PAID SUBSCRIBER.

My books also aren’t disappearing from retailers. In fact, once Deep Curse has wrapped up here, I willpublish it to Amazon 5-6 months later.


It is up to you how go about obtaining them. Chapter by chapter? Fine. The entire book on Amazon? Great! Pirated? Well, at least you’re reading.

This is all intimidating to me and out of my comfort zone, but the universe is nudging me to do this. (I had an article on Twitter pop up about how doing uncomfortable things in your writing is good for you.) I do think this amount is doable for me if I plan it carefully.

If I'm successful with Deep Curse then I'd like to do this all again with Island Curse and other stories. I don't know if A Quick Death would work as well since it is forty-five 200 word stories and not one complete story. What do you think?

To wrap things up, I want to know what you think of my plan? Have I offered enough to make it worth subscribing to me? Or are you happy with freebies? My main goal here is to make ANY email I send worth your time and for you to enjoy getting them. Is there anything else you'd like to see as a reward? I appreciate any input.