It's time to end this.

That sounds more ominous than I mean. But it is the end...until next time.

It’s been a whirlwind of a book release week. Adding MIParaCon to the mix made things even more crazy. I actually forgot to do a FB Live. I did post some videos each day I was at MIParaCon, so I think that makes up for it.

Anyway, to wrap things up, I want to give a big, giant thank you to everyone.

I can write all I want, but the publishing part wouldn’t be a success without you. Your support and cheer leading help motivate me to keep at it. It encourages me to try new things, like serializing a novel here and on Patreon. I might have given up and moved onto a new creative endeavor without you.

So, thanks.

And if I can do one more shameless plug. I am always in need of people willing to give honest reviews of my books. If you would like to join my ARC team and get an advance copy to read and review, hit reply and I will add you to the list.

Thanks for all your support again. 🥰

Lastly, tomorrow I will be on my friend Tui’s YouTube channel talking about strangeness in Michigan. Link here, and you can chat with me live!