It's official!

I got news. Oh, and a little about MIParaCon. I really hope I didn't bring home a ghost.

First up, The Cure giveaway is over. Here are the winners.

Congrats to Jenna Massman, you won the grand prize. Runner ups MJ Fifield, Christine Rains, and J. Lenni Dorner get bookmarks. I will be emailing you to get your mailing info.

Big news announcement!

Deep Curse is officially done! The special features are coming along. I’m actually almost done with all the art work. The character profiles are nearly filled out. I would like your input on some of it though. I’m giving the characters favorite books, songs, and musicians. I did a few, but I also want to include you, so give me your favorite books, songs, and bands. I’ll choose some to include in the character profiles.

I am stoked to share this series with you and all the special bonuses.

I survived MIParaCon!

It was quite fun and quite exhausting. 10 hours is a long day of peopling, and if you recall, I’m an anti-social introvert. I posted a few short videos of it on my Instagram, so go check those out. After you read this email.

I’m very glad and grateful they had it this year. I met some interesting people. Like the elderly man who regaled me and my bestie about the evil spirits he banished from a friend’s home. Three sisters who were certain my Ouija board magnets were possessed by evil spirits. You will not be surprised to learn they did not buy a magnet.

I got to chat a bit with Adam Berry of Kindred Spirits about candles and watch Jeff Mudgett (great-great grandson of serial killer HH Holmes) tease Dave Shrader about Bingo (the vendor room I was in is normally used for Bingo, so behind Dave was a Bingo set up. Dave was also my neighbor.) I met Wild Bill Neff of Mountain Monsters. Boy was he a character. And a lovely person to chat with. I hadn’t heard of Mountain Monsters, but I have to check it out now.

My booth neighbor was a lovely medium who pointed to a blank frame and told me, “Someone is stuck in there.” She came back to me later with the name Isaac. And now I’m thinking about a story. LOL (Anyone see a face in the frame below? I swear, at one point, I actually did see an outline of a person!)

I came home with two books on serial killers.

Oh, and I sold a bunch of books and animal hats. Ya know, because that’s why I was there. I gave away 138 bookmarks. This newsletter grew…or will grow once I sit down and add all the people who joined to this list. ^^;;

TLDR: It was a blast.

Also, as far as I know, I didn’t get Covid. That’s now a concern for the foreseeable future. I had hand sanitizer on my table as many others did as well. Plenty of people still wore masks, and some of the celebrity guests had orders from producers to only take pictures with fans standing on the opposite side of the table as them. Despite all that, everyone was just happy to be there and get lost in talk about ghosts, cyrptids, and aliens.